Nail Station

Our ‘Techies and Maintenance Mechies’ are highly qualified and trained in all things nails. From classic mani-pedis to enhancements and nail art, our team uses the best products and medically sanitized single-use tools to work your nails into your favourite shade of buffed and beautiful. So pop in, relax and walk out with a perfect polish.


The Perfect Service (Manicure/Pedicure)

  • Shape and Polish Hands AED 45
  • Shape and Polish Feet AED 50
  • The Express Mani Service AED 70
  • The Express Pedi Service AED 80
  • The Full Mani Service AED 90
  • The Full Pedi Service AED 110
  • The Express Service Combo AED 130
  • The Full Service Combo AED 190

The Mini for The Minis (under age of 12)

  • The Mini Mani Service AED 50
  • The Mini Full Pedi Service AED 70
  • The Mini Express Service Combo AED 100

Nail Enhancements Gel/Acrylic

  • Full Set AED 330
  • Overlay AED 275
  • Refill AED 215
  • Full Set AED 285
  • Overlay AED 215
  • Refill AED 195
  • Enhancement Removal AED 50
  • Check Up & Buff 7 Days AED 80
  • Nail Repair Classic per nail AED 40

Add Ons

  • Shellac Polish Hands AED 20
  • Shellac Polish Feet AED 25
  • Soak Off AED 40
  • Paraffin AED 100

The Custom Paint Job

  • Nail Art Individual FROM AED 5 TO 25
  • Caviar Individual AED 10

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